Refreshing accounts in tiller console

When I go into the account summary section of the tiller console to update any of my accounts, I notice that capital one and etrade look different. See below for difference.

Every day my capital one account suspends and I need to manually update it. I do not need to do this with etrade. This is likely 2FA, right? Can anything be done so I do not need to update capital one every day?



Hi @blake,

I just emailed our data provider today to see if they have any more insight into this new behavior with Capital One.

Personal Capital also uses Yodlee and they indicate that it’s an issue for them too.

This need to regularly refresh is expected behavior for many institutions that have or require 2FA for account security so I’m not convinced it’s going to change and this may be the new norm.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m having this issue with Capital One as well. It would be nice for it to not be permanent.

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Agree, having this behavior makes things challenging. One work around for Capital One, and really all accounts that work in Mint, is to export your transactions to CSV and then cut paste the relevant transactions to your base Tiller transaction sheet. It is not perfect (or preferred) but at the end of the day much less hassle then going through 2FA constantly. The export link is at the very bottom of any transaction view in Mint.

V/r, -brian

@heather, @benito334, @bfperry

My Capital One account is no longer in suspend mode. Our issue might be fixed. Please check on your end and let us know.


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False alarm I guess, I am back in suspend mode. Blake

Blake, it is not suspend mode Capital One is requiring multi factor authentication when syncing with Tiller/Yodlee. Once you go through the process it stays synced for about a day or so. As all have mentioned, very frustrating and almost renders Capital One accounts un-usable via Tiller/Yodlee. More and more financial institutions are requiring MFA for security reasons (very understandable) but it will also mean more and more of this issue on the Tiller platform. As I shared previously if you export transactions via CSV from Mint, for accounts that work better there, you can just cut and paste into your main Tiller sheet. Not perfect by any means but it saves tremendous time over constantly doing the MFA process.

I was also having a MFA (2FA) problem with my Bank Of America credit card. Every time I refreshed my accounts in the console, Bank Of America required the 2FA. I called BOA tech support and requested MFA be removed or at least “remember this computer”, but they didn’t. My solution was to cancel the Bank Of America card and sign up for a Chase credit card. Problem solved. No MFA is required when I refresh my accounts. Adding the Chase credit card to Tiller was very easy. Since I already have Chase checking and savings accounts the new credit card was automatically included in my Chase online account. So Tiller automatically picked up the Chase credit card without me having to manually add it.

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Thanks, @Blake. They’ve taken it off the outage list and I emailed them directly again today to see what’s going on. I was never holding my breath that they would get it fixed because as @bfperry mentioned, this is the new norm for financial institutions and having 2FA turned on is a pain when Yodlee is involved. Mint uses a different data provider (Intuit I think) and thus has worked out a different agreement with Capital One.

Would the experience be less painful if the 2FA prompt/response was available right in the Tiller Console (or the Tiller Money Feeds add-on) so you didn’t have to go back and forth to open and close multiple pages to give it the code?

Yodlee did reply to my email with this

Capital One site seems to be blocking our refresh requests and our marketing team is having a discussion with the end site to have our refresh request honoured. Currently, we do not have any updates to share.

I think anything would be better than the status quo. Any way to just get rid of 2FA with them? Its looks like we may be gaining traction. Thanks, Blake

There is not a way to get rid of 2FA with them. That is between Yodlee and Capital One. It seems like in the last several months Capital One has changed their requirements around 2FA when connecting via 3rd party aggregators and possibly are now requiring that their customers have it turned on. I’m not sure because I don’t have CapOne.

Does anyone know whether CapOne recently started requiring that you have 2FA turned on or is it still optional?

Even if it’s optional, they expect you to have it turned on meaning you have to at least visit the Tiller Console to kick off a refresh of your data.

I asked about the Console vs separate window experience because we are working on building it into the Console so you can enter the code for an institution without needing to open a separate tab for each institution and hope to eventually build the same capability into the Tiller Money Feeds add-on (though that’s likely much farther out). We’ll be rolling out a beta program for customers who subscribed after late Jan 2019 (they are on our newest integration with Yodlee) and who are only using Tiller Money Feeds sheets. More to come on this!

If you’re reading this and interested in the beta program, send me a personal message to let me know and I’ll confirm your account’s eligibility and add you to the list if you meet the above criteria.

Unfortunately Tiller becomes way too inconvenient and not worth the investment because of this issue (Capital One user here). I’d be interested in joining the beta program to see if that helps but don’t see a link to send a personal message.

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Have you considered using or getting another credit card? Another user did just that very thing. Blake

It’s not for me to fix. It’s for Tiller to address. Besides, I would not sacrifice the great travel benefits offered by my Capital One card just to avoid issues with Tiller. And I suspect all CCs will have this issue eventually,

Ok, just throwing out ideas. I seem to recall that someone at Tiller recently said this area is their number one priority. Blake

2FA is a good thing. I wonder how other personal financial management systems manage this.

:wave:, @ElvisM!

I totally understand the 2FA requirement with CapOne being frustrating. We realize it’s inconvenient and as @Blake mentioned it is our top priority. I’ll include you in the beta updates. It won’t remove the the need to correct 2FA for CapOne, but it will make the experience smoother. It’s really an issue between CapOne and our data provider Yodlee. Many other tools that leverage Yodlee for data feeds are having the same issue.

Even with the extra step due to the 2FA requirement, having all your data consolidated into the same place in the same format is still a huge time savings, especially if you prefer to use a spreadsheet.

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When all of my accounts are working normally (which has been a problem lately), I have to update Cap One and 2 other accounts with 2FA manually any time I want updated data. It has just become part of my routine. I suppose the extra security is a good thing and it seems it may become more commonplace in the future.

I see in my Capital One settings that Intuit is a “Linked App.” I vaguely remember an authorization screen in Mint that asked if I wanted to link my Intuit account to Capital One. Is there any exploration if Yodlee will become a Linked App for Capital One?

It’s annoying not having my Capital One credit card linked, but at the end of the day my primary purpose for using Tiller is to track net wealth, and this is the only account that “comes out in the wash” for my bottom line. I.e.: I will eventually see the hit to my NW in my bank account when I pay off my credit card, so it just makes my NW a little out of date.