Regex failed: "cellValue.match is not a function"

Hi I’m trying to build a regex expression matching a certain date to other date. 9/1/2021 to 9/3/201. I created a Date Regex column and ran a test “^dog” it gave an error Regex failed. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to enrolled into the beta?

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I’m guessing you’re trying all this in the AutoCat sheet in a Google Sheet, right?

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to accomplish, @zamland, but the regex filter will only work on string values… though it sounds like the add-on code could probably handle the failure more gracefully.

I uploaded my columns. It has Date Regex, I was trying to get a date filter work for the longest time, but couldn’t get it running. Then I just tried a simple example: match a certain word. It also doesn’t work. It turns out, Regex isn’t working or I don’t know how it works.

You mention that it works on string values, I’ve put the regex in quotations, no quotations, doesn’t work. Can you explain what do you mean? You mean it’s supposed to work out of the box?

@randy @heather I’m just trying to get it to work some basic functionality. It doesn’t work for me. Any ideas?

As I tried to explain earlier, “Regex” will not work with the Date column. In fact, “Contains” and “Ends With” won’t work with the date column either. Those filters only work with string/text values. Can you try using them with a text column like “Description” (e.g. “Description Contains” or “Description Regex”)?

Also, you need to match the filter syntax exactly— “end with” will not be recognized… use “Ends With”.

To confirm Regex is working, use a simple test— like see if “Til{2}er” will recognize a description containing Tiller.

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Okay great. Yeah it worked. I think labeling Regex doesn’t work with Date or somewhere is going to be important. Or maybe you guys can support it. Would like to see it.