Relinking google sheet

I’ve been using Tiller with a google sheet I set up in the google drive I use for my professional work. I wanted to move the sheet to my personal google drive so that my wife and I can both work on it. I made a copy of the current sheet and moved it successfully. I disconnected the link to the original sheet for all my accounts, but when I try to reconnect to the new sheet, the only option I see is to create a ‘new’ google sheet. How do re-Iink my accounts to an ‘existing’ sheet, as I don’t want to start over?
Thanks for any help on this.

Launch Tiller Money Feeds from your new existing sheet and it will prompt you to link.

To reconnect your Tiller accounts to your existing Google Sheet in your personal drive you can check below steps :

Open the New Sheet : Go to the new Google Sheet you moved.

Launch Tiller Money Feeds : From the Add-ons menu, select “Tiller Money Feeds” and click “Launch.”

Link the Sheet : In the sidebar, click “Link Sheet,” sign in to your Tiller account, and check the accounts you want to link.

You can contact Tiller support .

Thank you

I didn’t mean “existing” sheet. I meant how do I connect it to the new sheet which has all the data but is just a Google sheet with no Tiller Money Feeds add ons (that I can see).
Thank you!!!

If you don’t see Tiller Money Feeds in the Extensions menu, then add it via Extensions > Add-ons