Remove account from Balances, but retain data in Net Worth

Good morning!

I recently refinanced my Mortgage, and did so shortly after my original Mortgage company sold my loan to a new servicer.

So I now have 3 Mortgages in Tiller, 2 of which have a zero balance on my balances tab. I’d like to remove them from there, but retain the transaction data, particularly for my net worth calculation over time.

If I hide them on the Accounts tab, it removes the data from everywhere, including net worth.

Is there another way to do that?


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Hi @crachau,

There isn’t a way to hide it from one place, but not every place.

I wonder if @randy has ideas on how to customize the formulas in the Balances sheet to not show accounts that have a $0 balance and could share a revised formula here.

It’s a good use case, but without adding some extra column to the Accounts sheet, I’m not sure how else to pull it off.

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Well that was easier than I thought…

Just open up the hidden area on the right of the Balances template and add INDIRECT(Y16)<>0 into the filters for the Asset and Liability queries.

Final formulas in K3 and R3 should look like:

=iferror(sort(filter({INDIRECT(Y11),INDIRECT(Y12),INDIRECT(Y13)&if(isblank(INDIRECT(Y14)),""," ("&INDIRECT(Y14)&")"),today()-INDIRECT(Y15),Indirect(Y16)},indirect(Y17)="Asset",indirect(Y18)<>"Hide",indirect(Y16)<>0),2,true, 4, true, 3, true))

=iferror(sort(filter({INDIRECT(Y11),INDIRECT(Y12),INDIRECT(Y13)&if(isblank(INDIRECT(Y14)),""," ("&INDIRECT(Y14)&")"),today()-INDIRECT(Y15),Indirect(Y16)},indirect(Y17)="Liability",indirect(Y18)<>"Hide",indirect(Y16)<>0),2,true, 4, true, 3, true))



Well that worked perfect, thank you so much!!

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This is something that always bothered me but never got around to asking. Thanks for the solution!

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Is there a way to get that behavior into the base sheet? I don’t like modifying sheets provided by Tiller.

This is really nice update – hope it can be added to the “out of the box” solution, or maybe configurable by in the Accounts sheet as I could see where some might want a zero balance to show (eg: current credit card – nice to see you have it and it is at zero)

This is probably the single greatest item I have updated my balance sheet with – to now hide zero balances but still have them tracked. As accounts would shift (either a replacement credit card, or change in investments) I was finding myself going into the Balance History and Transaction History to update the OLD account with the new account id, so they would show the same. I have to remember this change was made if there is ever an update to the balance sheet so I can re-implement it (unless maybe there will be a setup option to enable this new way for those of us that like it and leave existing functionality for those that don’t).