Remove account problem

I need to remove an account that does not appear in the Tiller Console list of accounts.

The console lists all my current accounts. I closed several accounts last year when I changed banks. These accounts still appear grayed out in my Balances sheet, but not in the console. I’m sure that what happened is that I deleted them incorrectly.

The only “remove account” instructions I’ve found are to go to the console and remove the account there, but as I said, the accounts don’t appear there.


From the sound of it, you’re wanting to delete the historical data that was imported for these accounts that exists in your spreadsheet. If that is the case and before doing so i would caution that you may want to look back at historical net worth values at some point.

If these accounts won’t deter these values then what you would need to do is to filter and find all of the balance history entries for that account and delete all entries associated with the selected accounts that you’re trying to remove the history from.

This article shows the steps to filter and find

Then after finding the data delete the rows associated with it.

Thank you! I actually wanted to keep all my data but remove the accounts from the balance history and accounts spreadsheets. I successfully did so by removing all the balance history entries.