Remove unused categories from Monthly/Yearly Budget views

When looking at the Monthly budget in the new Foundations Template (which I like the changes), or the Yearly budget view, it would be nice to only see the categories that have been budgeted OR that have spending for that month. Seeing the ENTIRE list of every category is adding unnecessary “reading” for people that setup categories for future months use or just to have ready. If I want to see ALL the categories listed I can use the Categories sheet, but budget views should be for what’s been budgeted or if money was spent in an un-budgeted category.


I like this! Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

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I agree that this would be very useful to have. This would allow us to add a set of rarely used transactions that we may want to record, but don’t spend it every month. I collect glass art and may want to have a budget for this on some months, but not others. If the Budget is 0 and the actual amount spent for a category is 0 in the time range being represented, then hide it in the reporting.

Currently, I do have a solution that I use to accomplish this for anyone that might be interested.

I have created a Group in my categories called ‘z Hidden’. I labeled it with the z so it shows last in the list of groups on my monthly budget. What I then do is create the extra categories I may want to use occasionally, and assign them to this ‘z Hidden’ group. When I want one of these categories to be available to be budgeted, like I’m planning on buying some glass, I then go to the Categories tab and change the group name for the category ‘Glass Art’ or whatever is needed to the appropriate one, like ‘Discretionary Spending’.

In the ‘Monthly Budget’ and ‘Yearly Budget’ sheets, I then hide the rows that have the Z HIDDEN group and below. This allows me to keep my budget sheets clean of these extra categories, while still being able to utilize them when needed.

Essentially, I am manually toggling these rarely used categories from the ‘z Hidden’ category to their actual category when I want to use them. Since the ‘z Hidden’ category rows are hidden in my sheet, I don’t see them when I don’t want to.

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Hi @xlengthy Thanks for offering this alternate solution, I greatly appreciate it! I will give it a try and see if it goes with my workflow. I think I spend more time learning and tweaking my finance apps like a kid does with video games :wink: