Removing 401K Transactions from Transactions tab

I would like to never see the transactions from dividends, or disbursments on the transactions page. But still want to see the total balance in the balance pages. Can this be accomplished?

If by never you mean NEVER, you can always delete the transactions from the transactions page. The Balance History would still have data and report on balances.

The other way is to mark some as hidden, but you’d then need to play with the Balance to show the hidden account (and not other hidden accounts).

It occurs to me that this would be an interesting addition to AutoCat. Instead of assigning new data in a column like it does now, have an option to delete the transaction (if ‘Description’ = ‘401k Distribution’ then delete row). Would need to be careful with it, but AutoCat is already capable of really ruining your sheet if you use it wrong, so it doesn’t seem that much more dangerous (thank you Version History!). Thoughts @randy ?

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I get daily or almost daily updates in my 401k for some reason. I think it might be the movement or price change, but not sure. I use autocat to just mark it as 401k Transaction and I have that hidden.
Thinking about it more, I might put a filter on the Transactions sheet or slicer, to exclude those accounts, but I haven’t thought of deleting it, but since it is a good chunk of data that might be the smart thing to do.

That’s a wild suggestion— and an even crazier rationalization, @jpfieber! :crazy_face:

The rules engine could handle it… it is certainly possible. Something for product manager, @heather, to think on. :thinking:

In the interim, using AutoCat to fill a “Flag for Deletion” column with a scripted or manual workaround is probably the best solution, @jpfieber.