Rental Manager Sheet Not Reporting Correctly

I’ve been using the Rental Manager Template for about a year now. I’ve been doing a lot of clean up and refinement of my categories over the past day or so in prep for Tax Filing. In doing so I noticed that some of my old categories were not reporting any dollar values for their corresponding property. I restored the sheet template and added my properties back in which seemed to fix everything. A little while later I noticed another category showing no dollar value next to it again. In this case it seemed to only be one specific category. I re-categorized the line items and they showed up just fine. When i go to switch them back, again nothing gets reported. I checked the hidden columns in the spreadsheet and the totals for that category are showing up correctly there, just not in the main report area of the sheet.
I’ve seen some others have had similar issues, but have not seen how it finally got resolved for them.
Would love some help on this so I’m not having to restore the sheet and start over every time a category stops reporting correcting. Also hoping to have some restored faith that everything is reporting correctly without having to manually go through each line item to verify totals.

Thanks in advance!

That sounds concerning. I’m glad to hear you have validated the data in the hidden area— sounds like you are familiar with the plumbing. :wrench:

To confirm… you haven’t ever seen an issue where the hidden-area data (columns T:U?) is wrong, just issues where that data doesn’t flow into the visible/dashboard area of the sheet?

What are the cell ranges where you see a “category showing no dollar value”? Column F23:F27? Those cells use this lookup formula =ARRAYFORMULA(IFNA(VLOOKUP(E23:E25,$T:$U,2,FALSE),IFERROR(1/0))) into the hidden area. You can see that values in E23:E25 must match data in column T exactly to populate.

Is it possible you are using duplicate group names?

It looks like the template could also be sensitive to malformed dates. If it isn’t working can you send us the output of cell L4?