Repair Balance History: Multiple Blank Account #'s

I have three unrelated accounts, each with its own unique account ID, but none of the three has an account #, and as far as I can tell, there’s no ability to manually assign an account #.

Repair Balance History reports these as Account ID Mismatches without giving special consideration to the assigned account #s across these multiple accounts. The notification messages are highly truncated, making it difficult to understand what fix-ups are being proposed, and accepting the proposed fix-up will do more harm than good, replacing a correct account ID with an incorrect one from one of the other accounts with a blank account #.

To avoid this, it seems that accounts with blank account #s should be excluded from the Account ID Mismatch report. Alternatively, when an account # is not available from the host site, one could be generated automatically by Tiller or input manually by the client.

Is there any such way to edit account #s?

P.S. Thanks for providing an awesome service and support community!

Let me try to help. No account number tells me it is a manual account. Is that correct? The account id is what is important. Forget the repair tool. It appears you do not trust the repair tool. I do not trust it either. I do all my repairs manually. I would suggest you try to do it manually too. I am not sure what is messed up or how it got that way but bottom line you want to clean it up which is good. I do not know the scale of the repair but I would just get in there and start the manual repair process and see where it leads. Sound like a plan? Blake

Hi Blake, thanks for the reply. These are actually automated accounts, added using the Accounts Summary section of the sheets page. The underlying issue is likely that Yodlee did not relay an account # for these services, but the repair tool has no special consideration for when the account # is missing. The manual repair process is what led to my current understanding of how the automated repair process messed things up by giving more weight to the blank account # than it did to the correct and unique account IDs across multiple accounts.


So, are you good to go? Everything flowing in correctly now? Got everything cleaned up?

Yes, good to go. Thanks for the helping hand. I probably should have posted this as a feature request / bug report, but the support page for this tool directed me here to start.

Like you, I’ll be looking at this tool now with a leary eye :face_with_monocle:, and also with hope that it might become more resilient :muscle:.


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