Replace Single Sheet in Workbook with Clean Copy

I fouled up my Monthly Budget tab in my workbook to the point that when I add a new category on the Categories tab, everything on my Monthly Budget sheet gets totally wrecked. (Yes, I know, don’t mess with formatting, etc. when you don’t realize the repercussions it’s going to have down the road…). I want to start with a clean Monthly Budget sheet without having to start over with a completely new workbook. (I’ve spent hundreds of hours customizing, creating charts & graphs, reports, etc. on other sheets of the workbook that I do NOT want to start over with!). Where can I get a clean worksheet for Monthly Budget that is simply all the default “stuff” that makes this tab work the way it’s supposed to?

I have done this too many times. Just roll back to a previous version just minutes before you made the change.

The problem is, LOTS of changes have been made since creating the formatting issue that is now causing my headache - and they were made some time ago but I didn’t know the extent of the havoc they’d wreak on the Monthly Budgets tab until today. Today is the first time I’ve added new categories to the Categories tab in several days, so I wasn’t aware of the full extent of what I’d done until now. Rolling back won’t work in my particular case. Thanks, though, @MarcC for weighing in with a recommendation!

Thought: What if I create a copy of my working file, delete the original, and download a new Workbook, re-link all my accounts, and replace individual tabs/worksheets with the ones from my saved duplicate (EXCEPT the Monthly Budget sheet since this is the one I’ve fouled up in the first place)? Does anyone see any reason this wouldn’t accomplish what I need to do since it appears I can’t get just a clean copy of the Monthly Budget sheet with original formulas, formatting, references, etc. intact?

Not sure what your best route out of this situation is. Have you tried restoring the monthly budget template and/or any other templates you have modified?

You can create multiple main sheets. Go to the Tiller Console and select Create a Spreadsheet. It will then give you a whole new set of the original sheets. You can copy the Monthly Budget sheet from here into your preferred workbook.


You can also just try to move a working version of the Monthly Budget from a fresh copy of the Foundation Template.

However, that may not actually help and could be some sort of config issue that’s breaking the Monthly Budget (e.g. are there any header keywords missing in row 1 on your Categories sheet?) FAQ guide below has a few things to check.

The other thing to note is that a Group and Type are required on the Categories sheet for each Category in order for the budget dashboards to work.