Request for Blog Review

I wanted to ask for some honest feedback on a blog post I wrote a while ago, in hopes that it might be worth promoting. Given that everyone has their own style of budgeting, is my way a teachable way using Tiller? Thank you!

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I looked at your blog and loved it. While there is a lot of help and documentation through Tiller Community, it is hard to find a document like yours. Most documentation at Tiller are questions and answers in many different places and in no particular order. I’ve yet to find much “step by step” instruction that is not geared to users extremely proficient in Tiller workflows and Google Sheets. Especially, I’ve noticed that with the influx of the “Mint Refugees” that many of them would really benefit from more detailed instruction on how to set up Tiller sheets. Instructions that don’t assume you are a spreadsheet or budgeting wizard. So thanks for your work. I’ve still yet to figure out how to use the Savings Budget. If there was a document like yours regarding this, I would use it.

Thank you for the kind words.