Reset Transactions

How can I start over with my transactions (but not autocat rules or which community add ons I have installed or anything else). My understanding is that if I delete a row from the transactions table that it will get marked in an internal database and future fills won’t restore that transaction. I want to remove Tiller’s understanding of my transactions and start fresh from a new fill (I am starting fresh from Jan 1, so I can reload it from the source accounts).

I’m trying to restore because I fudged some Autocat rules and modified the data in a way that I can’t recover from.

If this is with Google Sheets, restoring to a working version via the version history might be an option.

If you delete all your transactions, future fills will not download any previously downloaded transactions.

I don’t believe there’s an easy/good way to reset Tiller’s understanding of your transactions, beyond starting/linking a new Tiller spreadsheet.

One option might be to start a new Tiller spreadsheet just so you can copy/paste the transactions you want into your desired spreadsheet (after deleting all the transactions you don’t want). Keep track of the last fill transactions compared to the new to avoid duplicates - consider doing refresh and fill for both spreadsheets at the same time, so they both have the same last fill marker.

I wonder if this is a case where you want to do what Tiller says never to do: delete your account connections. Tiller recommends never doing that to try to fix connection issues, but if you completely delete the connection and then reconnect it, will Tiller think it’s a new account and download the transactions again? Pure speculation here, and I take no responsibility for this going very wrong. :crazy_face:

I refrained from suggesting this option, but it might work. Then you’d have to also be worried about what’s happening to the Balance History tab.

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