RESOLVED: Service degradation: our data provider is experiencing an issue

Please note that we’re aware of an issue reported by our data provider around 6AM PST where accounts are not refreshing at all or are taking a really long time to refresh from the Tiller Console.

Our data provider is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible, but we do not have an ETA at this point.

We’ll share updates here as we have them from our data provider.

UPDATED: As of 11:30AM PT we believe this issue should be resolved. Please try refreshing or adding your account on the Tiller Console at


Thanks - I have not been able to refresh since 11/28/2023.


Hi @peterjsvarga it’s unlikely that your issue was due to this service interruption. Please reach out to our support about your account not refreshing since 11/28 if you haven’t already.

I have been trying to add two different bank accounts since Friday the 15th. It always fails MFA. Could this be related?

Doesn’t seem to be resolved on my side. SoFi and Synchrony are still having issues connecting and pulling data.

Hi Heather

Do the data providers use API’s or data scraping?


I can refresh on the Tiller website. The Spreadsheet Excel add-in fails with an error that it can’t load and indicates I should check my network or internet connectivity. I do not have internet connection issues. Going to re-add the Tiller Add-in.
Update: Reinstalled the Tiller add-in, everything working.
Thanks for the heads-up

Welcome @wpaul.johnson, @david.a.eff, and @Dusty_Roads :wave:

@wpaul.johnson - it’s unlikely this was related. @david.a.eff also not related.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at if you haven’t already and file a ticket.

@Dusty_Roads our data provider uses both of those and it depends on the institution.

@dmelideo it sounds like you’re all set? If not please reach out to the team via chat.

Thanks for the updates.