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I am new to Tiller and this type of thing is not my strong point. Does the company offer live help with getting my categories and descriptions set up? I have been trying to do it myself but it’s taking much too long! Please let me know what resources there are out there, thanks.

I don’t believe they offer any live help, but have you tried watching any of their videos on YouTube? For example, this is a relatively recent introductory video.

Don’t get overwhelmed by it. You can start with some very basic categories (e.g., Utilities, Food, Subscriptions) just to get the hang of it and then tailor things to your needs over time. And it’s impossible to screw things up in a way that can’t be fixed.


I’d also recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

It isn’t live chat, the support cadence is more like email. But we can help answer questions and provide resources more specific to where you’re getting stuck.

@marcyslaterihp I am a financial coach, and I use Tiller with my clients. I also offer standalone help to get Tiller set up though I am not affiliated with Tiller. Feel free to reach out if you’d like 1:1 help. It can be a bit intimidating to get started, but once you’ve got it set up, maintaining it is a lot easier than the initial set up.

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Hi Caroline, I may take you up on this! I set it up sort of ok, but would be good to have it be the best possible from the beginning. Please tell me how your process to have you help me. Thank you!


@Caroleen very kind of you to offer!

@marcyslaterihp You can always reach out to our team if you run into errors or bank connection issues too along the way.

Hi Marcy @marcyslaterihp – Feel free to send me an email at or feel free to schedule a time directly on my calendar to discuss: Calendly - Caroleen Verly