Restarting with Tiller Sheets... hopefully my final resting ground

I started with Tiller Sheets back in September 2020 with the foundation template. I stopped for several months in updating and have not used it for almost one year.
Here’s my dilemma. I have been using QuickBooks in the meantime. I would like to get started with Tiller again, should I delete the old sheets and start fresh or clean up and update the old sheets. Which one would be easier and cleaner?
Also, I would like to transfer my date from QuickBooks to tiller if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve tried a LOT of different budgeting apps and have found that usually starting with the current month is the easiest way to begin. Entering back months and configuring them is tedious and doesn’t seem to work most of the time, as most apps are designed to start fresh and don’t include a lot of information on how to even enter back data. Most of the documentation for the apps (and spreadsheets) I’ve tried usually try to discourage you from starting with old data. I agree with this idea. I’d just leave the old Tiller sheet for archival purposes and start fresh.
On your other question, I would export the QuickBooks data as CSV and open it in Excel then copy and paste each column to a Google workbook and create another tab and use formulas like Query and Vlookup to populate this sheet so it looked like a Tiller Transactions Table. You could also use formulas and calculations to get category info in. then you could copy and paste the “created” Transactions table to the columns in the Tiller foundations sheet.

Welcome back!
“Final resting ground”? That sounds a little bit morbid, @Sammys!

Generally, we recommend starting on a go-forward basis. It’s hard enough to keep on top of your finances… but the added pressure of converting & updating years of old data is often overwhelming enough to knock people off the immediate goal of starting to deal with the here and now.

That said, spreadsheets are great and adaptable if you choose to port your data.

We don’t have a direct import from Quickbooks, but I suggest using formatting your Quickbooks data to work with the Basic CSV workflow if you’d like to pull that in.

Good luck.