Retirement Planner 1 Year Behind

Love the retirement planner, I have two questions

1.It seems like my reirement planner is one year behind, as the beginning value of 2024 should actually be what’s listed as the beginning value of 2023. Is there a way I can fix this? And does the Current year value automatically update as the years go on or is it static?

  1. Has anyone created a view that shows you what the retirement planner projection is vs what it actually is? It would be a great idea to help collaborate the tool as the years go on. If not I’ll just copy and paste onto a new document and update once a year.

Great questions here @TillNextTime

I’m not 100% sure how the year to year rollover works with this template. @jono do you have guidance here?

Hi @TillNextTime and @heather ,
Good questions.

The starting year of the retirement planner is set by:

  1. Checking if a Cash Flow Forecast sheet is installed in the spreadsheet. If there is a Cash Flow sheet, the Retirement planner uses the same first year as the Cash Flow sheet. The first year for the cash flow sheet is usually the same year as the Budget Month columns in your category sheet. But the first year can be overwritten. See the hidden columns in the Cash Flow sheet AE, AF and AG. The rules are a bit complex but there are some notes in the sheet that explain it.

  2. If there is no Cash Flow Forecast sheet, then the first year is the current year. That value can be overwritten in the Retirement sheet cell AS3 (as long as there is no Cash Flow sheet.)

I recommend using the current year as the first year. If you want to save off prior years, you might make a copy of the sheet. (You might need to copy the whole sheet then paste values if you don’t want the values to change on the copied sheet.)

I don’t think anyone has made a sheet that tracks the projection vs the actuals. But i think it would be a good idea. Your solution sounds like it works well too.

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