Roll-up unused budget in Foundation Template?

Just saw something about the Tiller Foundation Template. I was interested in being able to roll-up unused budget. Is the Foundation Template available for Sheets? Or are there other solutions for that? I would switch to Excel if I had to.

The Foundation Template has been available for Sheets for a long time as the starter spreadsheet on the Tiller Console. Most everyone on Tiller starts with this sheet.

On the Excel side, we launched the Foundation Template about a year ago. Until last week, the Excel version did not contain the Insights sheet (which has been available in the Sheets version for years). The announcement you saw was probably about the recent addition of the Insights sheet to the Excel version.

Ok, I see now. They look identical. Is the Rollover Budget functionality gone for google sheets?

Are you referring to the Savings Budget, @kingsdotter ?

Yes! That’s the one. It doesn’t appear in my Tiler Foundation Spreadsheet. I didn’t see it in extensions either. Ok, I did a search for it and found it! Woo hoo!