🤔 "Rollover Adjustment" in the new Savings Budget

A few notes about your post, @Lieder:

  • I’m confused by your request about the Rollover Adjustment in the context of the Savings Budget because Rollover Adjustment isn’t really a feature or acknowledged in the documentation of the Savings Budget. It is only part of the now-deprecated Envelope Budget.
  • While we often use hidden column on the right to perform background/support calculations, the (hidden) columns K & L in the Savings Budget are there to provide additional metrics on budget health similar to the Rollover Adjustment concept. (The columns further to the right drive the template.)
  • The discussion with @cculber2 in this thread about those metrics is what led to their creation. The documentation here is the best we have.
  • Yes: “*3” is to account for three months.
  • TLDR; If you make sure your expense budget equals your income budget every month, you don’t need to worry about this budget health & “rollover adjustment” stuff. It is just there as a correction factor for people who have imbalanced budgets that lead to phantom savings that are not funded.
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