Rollover adjustment keeps getting bigger

My rollover unfavorable adjustment keeps getting bigger ever month. It started at around $200K and then kept increasing to 700K and then over $1M. I don’t know where it is from; my transfers equal out each month. Is it something to do with balances?

@lynda.jao Do you have something assigned in the Rollover To column for all of your Expenses and Income lines in your Categories sheet? If not you’ll need to set them if you’re not spending or allocating 100% in a particular category each month.

If that’s the case you’ll like need to make some edits in your Budgets History sheet too. Let me know if you need more info on that.

If that’s not it make sure you’ve categorized all transactions, your income and expense budgets for each month are equal, and that all of your transfers zero out.


Thanks so much for your response! Yes, everything on the expenses and income lines in the categories sheet has something in the rollover column. MY transfers don’t all zero out (I don’t know why), but it’s a small amount~$30K. I’m not sure why that would cause such a large rollover adjustment. Income and Expenses budgets are matched up each month as well!

I’d love more info on how to make those edits to the Budget History Sheet!

Thank you,