Rollover amounts in November, not leftover in October

In October I used up my auto Debt budget but for some reason it’s carrying over an amount as a rollover into November? Several of my categories have done that, even though I only had funds left in 2 categories at the end of November. Help?


It could be that the rollover is from a past month and is not actually a rollover from October if you used all of your budget for that category in Oct. Does the available for Oct for those categories show $0? Is there a rollover amount in Oct for those categories?

These categories are always zero at the end of the month since I make the payments monthly.

I always zero out the categories at the end of each month and reallocate. For some reason it’s still pulling money to the next month. The only categories that should have rollovers are home improvements and property tax.

More than likely these are coming from some other prior month is my guess. Take a look at your Budgets History sheet and see if you can identify where it didn’t net to $0 and add a “rollover mod” to that period to make it $0.

Budgets History is a hidden sheet you can access via the View menu > hidden sheets.

More on how it works here: