Rollover budget after transactions deleted

Hi everyone,

i am a recent migrator and was able to setup my budget using the rollover savings template which is working great. I was wondering for those that have been using this for a while how do you handle end of year or when its time to delete transactions and start new? you just create new sheet and start fresh and manually adjust those budgets from the first month?


Welcome (from Mint), @ajfiorillo, and great question. This has been discussed at length before— many suggestions here

Personally, on 1/1/24, I’d:

  • Set the month to Jan 2024
  • Set “Adjust ± Modifies” to “Savings”
  • Create an extra temporary column (e.g. K)
  • Enter a formula like this in K15: =if(isblank(B15),iferror(1/0),-D15)
  • Drag it down to the last row with data
  • Select all the values in K
  • Right click in I15 and paste AS VALUES
  • Apply the changes using the add-on

This should clear out all Savings balances for the start of the new year.
(These steps are kind of just roughed in, so some adjustments may be required.)

thanks for the info…will take a look.