Safe to Delete Multiple Iterations Accounts from Feed List/Linking?

Hi community. I need to tidy up things and have a concern

I have 3 instances of Chase accounts (each has a mortgage, savings, credit card, etc.) in my Tiller Console feed link page. I believe this stems from creating fresh sheets months ago and changing/fine-tuning the nicknames.

Am I safe to delete two of the iterations with the old nicknames, leaving just the preferred one? From the numbers and all, I know the single Chase group I wish to remain linked for feed purposes. (And, because it was created new a short time ago, I am unconcerned that my active linked sheet would lose any historic data from earlier feed pulls.)

Can I simply delete the 2 duplicate (slightly different nicknamed) Chase groups/tronches of accounts that I no longer care to have linked (leaving me with just the single group to update in my actual sheet, etc.)?

I will “backup” the active Sheet, of course.

Thanks for any help/insight.

Hi @Larry - the duplicated Chase accounts likely isn’t from nicknaming or creating new sheets. This is somewhat of a bug we’ve yet to address but doesn’t happen too often.

You can delete the extraneous ones, for sure.

Just make sure you’re deleting the correct instances so you don’t remove data you want/need or is associated with the accounts you already have linked to the spreadsheet.

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Hi @heather inhave this issue too. When I realized it on my transactions sheet I went and deleted the duplicate entries, likely some are linked to the original connection and some are linked the the newer collection. Any advice on exactly how to go about correcting with saving the work already done?’ Many thanks! (My bank is chase too if that’s helpful to know)

You can unlink the duplicate instances from your sheet, here’s a bit more on how.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at if you still need some assistance.