Same bank, new account - transactions not showing up

Hello! My account list shows both accounts with my mortgage company, including the older mortgage, balance showing $0, and the new mortgage, showing the accurate balance. However, neither transactions nor new account shows up in Accounts tab, and consequently in Balances sheet or Balance History. I’ve removed the accounts from Accounts sheet, and reinstalled, without success. Thanks!

It sounds like it isn’t pulling into the sheet properly, @john.warren3.

The way the data flows through the sheets is:
Balance History :arrow_right: Accounts :arrow_right: Balances

It sounds like you aren’t seeing accurate balances in Balance History?

If so, that is a Tiller Money Feeds issue— either the bank account isn’t properly linked in the Console, the data scraping is not running successfully to pull the balances with your bank, or the bank account is not properly linked to the specific spreadsheet.

If the data isn’t in Balance History, then the Accounts and Balances sheets certainly won’t show the account.

Thanks, Randy. This is exactly what is not happening. Not showing up in Balance HIstory, albeit, when I connect the accounts (refresh link) the balances are accurate and current. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I’ve already removed the account, waited a few days, then re-installed the account. Same results.

It’s most likely an issue with linking the account to the spreadsheet, but…
I’m going to defer to @heather on this, @john.warren3. This is her wheelhouse.
She is in these forums frequently.


Can you make sure your accounts is linked to your spreadsheet. It seems strange that the accounts are showing up on the Console, but not your spreadsheet (Balance History, Balances, Accounts) tabs.

  1. Log into your Tiller Console at
  2. Scroll down to the name of the sheet and use the down arrow to expand details.
  3. Use the checkboxes to connect the new account to the sheet.
  4. Repeat that for any other sheets where you’d like to see transactions from this account.

My two cents…it is a feeds issue. I have always had feed issues when one of my balances goes to zero. It happened 1-2 months ago and took a while to get fixed. I traced it back. The exact day the balance went to zero, the next day the feed problems, no linking, started. B

Morning @john.warren3 :sun_with_face:

Sounds like an account connection issue.

If @warren’s steps didn’t help, reach out to us via the chat on the Console at