Saving for a home and other goals

My wife and I started using Tiller just about a year ago. We were already fairly responsible with our money but we had no idea what we spent on groceries, bills, dining out, subscriptions etc. from month to month. We were also trying to save for a home down payment, so every dollar matters.

When we were looking for a budgeting tool to use, there were others out there including some free ones that were not very helpful. We ultimately chose Tiller because of the flexibility and automation. We wanted to use have a tool that allowed us to track our expenses and savings 1-2 times per month without a lot of manual updating. The customizable aspects of Tiller are outstanding. The tools that are really helpful are the ‘autocat’ transaction categorizer, the savings budget sheet which allows dynamic reallocation of savings and budget amounts, and of course automated importing of transactions linked to bank accounts. All in all we spend about 45 minutes per month tracking our spending and saving to make sure we’re on track, and it’s something both me and my wife are both comfortable with.

The impact after a year of use is clear: we have a sizable down payment saved, and on average exceeded every monthly savings goal last year (with many other smaller goals as well) and we have detailed knowledge of our cash flow. It’s been very, very helpful for us. The annual subscription has paid for itself many times over.

Looking forward to continued use of Tiller for managing our personal finances.


Thanks so much for sharing your story @amzorn1 ! This is amazing and so happy to hear you’ve got that sizable down payment available when you’re ready to take the leap! I myself and trying to figure out my next phase of living situations and Tiller Money has helped me feel confident about making the leap when I’m ready too. All the info I need is at my fingertips!


Our team works passionately on this platform to do right by our customers and the Tiller Money community. It is wonderful to hear in concrete and practical terms that Tiller Money has made a difference in your finances and your life, @amzorn1.

Thanks for sharing your story.

P.S. Since you’re using the Savings Budget, you should know that I made some improvements last night. Consider updating your Savings Budget solution for some new quick-visualization tools.