Savings Budget - How to nove to New Budget Year without losing data

What is the best way to move to a new budget year in the Savings Budget (mine started in July) without losing all the data from the previous year? I know I could just change the date up top, but then I wouldn’t be able to look back at the previous months/years anymore. Thanks!

If you change the date in cell O2 (it’s in the hidden area to the right on the sheet), it will restart your savings without losing any ability to look back on your previous data.

I’m talking about, primarily, the categories sheet that the savings budget uses. I can change the date up top but then I lose the ability to look back on previous months past that date.

Also, when I did what you suggest it threw everything out of whack.

Aha, sorry, I misunderstood. I’d look at the guidance that Tiller provided around the new year on getting your sheets ready for the new year. The same process should apply whether the new year is January 1 or June 1.