Savings Budget + Monthly Income Projection But Semi-Monthly Paycheck?

I’m sorry if this question is elsewhere.

My goal for Tiller is to know at any point in time, what available money I have (e.g., current account balance MINUS pending transactions MINUS funds earmarked for various savings categories or future expenses).

I’m paid semi-monthly (15th and 30th) of each month, but the savings budget always gives you the available balance of funds until the end of the month, including 2nd paycheck for month … so for the first part of the month don’t have confidence in what my actual available funds are – I’m always seeing I have more available to spend/earmark than is actually in my account.

To make this work, do I need to just always have a floating paycheck of funds in my account that never gets budgeted, planned, earmarked, etc – so that I don’t think I have more than I do for the first half of the month?


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I have this exact question also.

I’ve been working on something like that, but it’s still early in the development stages. The closest thing I’ve seen is the Near-term Account Balance Forecast.

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@TotheMoonAlice and @razzing. As @jpfieber mentioned, my Near-Term Account Balance Forecast sheet may meet your needs. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

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