Savings Budget Sheet adding existing savings

I want to start using the Savings Budget sheet instead of the monthly buget, because I really want earmark money in savings account. I watched the webinar video and it seems to be a perfect fit.

I may be missing something obvious, but when I watched the old envelope budgeting video there was a way to add money that you already had to your savings. I have a pot of money (savings account) and I want to divide it into various denominations inside the various savings expense categories. But if I go to Savings column and type these values in manually it breaks the C8 Income header in the sheet. I guess because this is a formulated column. Do I have to add the money that is in my savings account in as income before I can distribute it? I hope not. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Chancellor,

Sorry for the late reply here.

Hopefully, you’ve already figured it out, but just in case (and for others who may stumble on this) here is what I think would work.

In the Savings Budget sheet you would use the dropdown in the upper left to change it from adjusting Budget to adjusting Savings and then you can type all your existing savings amounts into the Adjust cell and have the other columns reflect your changes.

The last step would be to have it actually persist those adjustments by using the Labs add-on

You might also consider using the Savings and Debt sheet depending on whether you’re saving up for goals or just wanting to accrue savings for unspent category funds.