Savings Budget - Starting Savings Column Balances in 2021

Hi Team, I have been using Tiller for 1 year with the Foundation Template. Coming from Mvelopes, I wanted to have the ability to roll over funds and accumulate $s per category so added the Saving Budget last week. Found the Budget Builder helpful and established a budget for 2021.

However, my Savings Column for Jan 2021 has a values in there that I have no idea how they got there or what they are based on. How do I allocate or correct these values so they total up to what I have in my Saving and Checking accounts? And how would I do this with some of these funds being true Savings Savings and not the Savings Expense options (where I am saving for the Apple Watch and so I know it will be an expense not a true Savings Savings) if that makes sense. Thanks in advance for the help!

@heather @randy Hey Team, just curious if you have any thoughts on my questions above. Thanks in advance for the help! Best, Eric

Those savings values are probably coming from pre-2021actuals & budgets.

There are lots of ways to do this, @eshadd.

It sounds like you are starting a new budget from scratch for 2021. So you can zero out pre 2021 savings rollovers by changing your budget start date in cell M2 (in the hidden part of the sheet). Set M2 to “1/1/2021”.

From there, you can use targeted manual adjustments in the ADJUST ± column (with Adjust ± Modifies set to “Savings”) to get the starting values to match your account balances.

Hope this helps.

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this was perfect - exactly what I needed to help me start anew in 2021.

Glad to hear it, @John.warren3.

@randy thank you Randy and so sorry for my delayed reply. Crazy work week. Will check this out and let you know if it works. cheers!