Savings Budget template question

I have a question about the Savings Budget template from Tiller Community Solutions. Im having a problem with the savings budget. I am trying to add money to savings column. When I click"update savings budget" to make it a permanent change, the new amount in the savings column flips to 0.00. The budget journal and the update message indicates that the change has been made. I have another foundation template with the savings budget going and it is working fine on the other template. Any thoughts why it’s flipping to 0.00 when I click “update savings budget”? I don’t have much data in the savings budget so Im thinking about deleting the savings budget and starting over with it if I can’t fix the problem. How do I delete it? Do I just delete the tab?

That is odd, @deva. I’d start by trying to restore the sheet to the master. You can delete it by just deleting the tab from your spreadsheet or you can use the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on’s Manage Solutions/Restore workflow to just overwrite the version that you have.

If you don’t have a lot of data you’ll miss in the Budget Journal sheet, I’d consider deleting that beforehand and letting the restore process reinstall it… though this is not required.

Good luck.

Great, it’s working. Thank you @randy!