Savings Budget "Track" Column Missing

Not sure if it’s just too early or just really late :grin: but I do not see a “track” column anywhere. I did CTRL+F and the only results were in the hidden columns. Can I just make a new column named “track,” and if so how to I use it to get my savings to rollover? Thanks!

Hi @dana, welcome! I have a couple of questions, you probably did this all right I just figure we might as well start with the basics.

  • Just to confirm, did you use the Tiller Money Labs Add-on to add the Savings Budget? Adding the Savings Budget is what should add the “Track” column.
  • The “Track” column is on the Categories sheet, that’s where you’re looking right? This is how it looks on mine:

Let me know if that helps, if not I’ll walk you through adding it manually.

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That’s where I’m looking now :wink: I assumed it was somewhere on the Savings Budget. Thanks!!

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