Savings Budget YTD view instead of cumulative?


Been using the Savings Budget and am liking it. Question about the date views in it: is there a way to make it only base rollover savings off of the current year? I ask because I started preserving historical budgets based on a great idea from a recent webinar in the Categories sheet, but when you add in historical budgets, the Savings Budget tool incorporates how you did in previous years into the rollover savings calculation. I would rather have the option to look solely at this year vs. a cumulative view. So if you were way off in a category in the previous year, it would carryover and make it hard to catch up this year. Of course the easy solution is to just not have historical budget numbers in the Categories sheet, but I liked that idea and would like to keep using it if possible. Many thanks.


Yes. Change the date in O2.

Missed that - thanks!

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Easy to miss as that column is hidden!