Savings & Debt (Prototype Sheet) Debt Tracking Issues

We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable making their spreadsheets & templates their own. Because users can add columns, drag columns, delete columns, etc, Tiller Money templates need to start by finding the data locations in each user’s core sheets (e.g. Transactions, Categories, Balance History, etc) and then referencing the data where it is.

Most of our spreadsheets have a “hidden area” over to the right (of the visible area) where we perform lookups and identify key data columns in other core sheets.

This is what it looks like in the new Savings Budget:

From there, we often use the INDIRECT() formula which allows us to create cell references by appending text (including the column reference letters that we found :point_up:).

These references look like this:
… where $BB$27 is a sheet name (e.g. “Transactions”) and $BC$31 is a column letter (e.g. A).

Hope this helps.