Savings & Debt Sheet Broken

I’ve been tracking various savings categories in the Savings & Debt sheet for over a year with no problem. Opened the tab today to see a fully broken page and I have no idea how to correct:

  • All funds are unallocated (before all funds were allocated)
  • All Savings Categories have a red flag that says “Invalid: Input must fall within specified range”
  • The Available, Progress, and Budgeted columns are blank.

Besides categorizing and adding notes on the transactions pages, I haven’t changed anything for many weeks and I know this tab was working just last week as I look at it often.

Is there a way to retrieve what I have lost? I look back at revision history, but it’s the same thing all the way back. Did the foundation template get an update that broke my sheet?

Thank you in advance.

I realize I should have said that I was using the Savings and Debt add on.

Ended up giving up on this. Made a new foundation template sheet, used the migration helper, and am rebuilding everything. Works fine now.