Savings & Debt Sheet: "Input must fall within specified range"

I just updated my Savings & Debt sheet to the current version and the data validation for the accounts in B is failing. The account list at AW53 is blank. The Account Check (Based on AU7, I think?) is functioning fine but all those red marks are giving me anxiety :crazy_face:

How do I kick it to populate that list?

Also, interestingly, the Labs add-on was showing my previous Savings & Debt as an incompatible solution and I had to manually archive it before I could put the new version in.


Thanks for flagging this, @aronos. I have the latest version and it is working for me. Not sure what has changed.

You can see that the formula to pull the account list in AW53 is:

These pull from the consolidated Accounts table around column AM.

Is that section populating properly? Do you have some accounts with “Class” (column AN) set to “Asset” which is required by the FILTER() in AW53?

The consolidated accounts table is populated by a long-ish query into the Accounts sheet in cell AM6. You can see that this query heavily references the Accounts sheet column lookups near AW38:

Do these column lookups look like they are populating correctly?

On your other point, the most likely reason the Savings & Debt template would be flagged as “incompatible” is that your Categories sheet is the version that does not include the monthly budgets. (Even if you create these columns yourself, the stored metadata in the budget-less version will flag the template as incompatible.) But it sounds like this wasn’t the issue in your case.

Another possibility with an “incompatible” solution is that a sheet already exists in your spreadsheet with the desired sheet name. Is it possible you installed & tested (or manually inserted) a preproduction version that was added without the version metadata (that Tiler Money Labs writes)? If yes, this could explain why deleting the sheet fixed the problem… or perhaps corrupted metadata (though I haven’t seen that happen before).

Let me know what you find regarding the above.

When I went back in everything was working normally. :thinking: Weird

I used the add-on to upgrade the last several versions so I don’t think it would be either of those… except maybe the corrupted metadata. No idea how that could happen though. I should go through and clean up all the old archived sheets. Maybe they’re causing performance issues and wonkiness?