Savings & Debt Template Issues

This isn’t fully working for me for some reason. I have two issues:

  1. Making a Debt Payment

Quote below is from the setup page for this mod. My transactions are actually offsetting as opposed to description below. The outbound transaction is fine, but the symmetric inbound transaction is not being ignored and is actually reducing my Actual column in Savings Budget so that it looks like I haven’t actually paid my mortgage even though I have. I have set both transactions to equal the Category name which is now also the same as my Account name for my mortgage debit account.

“The Savings Budget will use the outbound transaction amount (i.e. the side where the debt-paydown category name does not match the transaction’s Account name) as the period actuals for the debt-paydown category and will ignore the symmetric inbound (i.e. payment received) transaction.”

  1. Debt Payoff Goals

In this section of the Savings & Debt spreadsheet, the Balance and Periods filed is not populating. I have ensured that my Category for my mortgage now reflects the corresponding Account name on my “Balances” sheet so not sure what’s broken?

Thank you!

@YouBet96, sorry for the delayed reply.

Did you get this figured out or do you still need help?

Hi Heather,
No, I haven’t been able to figure this out. I opted not to use this template for now. It’s not a deal killer for me and more of a nice to have. I was attempting to use with my Mortgage and for whatever reason it just won’t track it right. Probably user error. Here is additional information so maybe you will see something I’m not:

Account Name for Mortgage Loan (aka debt paydown category) = “MORTGAGE LOAN (XXXX5679)”

I’m recording both the outbound payment from my checking account and the inbound payment when it applies to the mortgage account with “MORTGAGE LOAN (XXXX5679)” as the Category name in the Transactions list. When I do that, it’s recording the positive inbound payment with the mortgage company as a positive addition on the Savings Budget instead of ignoring it. Thus, it’s “reducing” the Actuals for that line item in my Savings Budget.

Not sure what’s going on with the Balance and Periods fields on the S&D spreadsheet. I assume the balance amount from the Balances sheet should be populating there but it’s not.

Thanks for any help!