Savings & Debt - Tracked Debt Account drop down issue

I’m attempting to use the Savings & Debt Worksheet.
The manual liability account i have created is not showing up in the drop down.
This account IS showing up in the Debt Planner worksheet.

I have reviewed this blog: Accounts Not Showing in Debt Planner Dropdowns

I have reviewed this blog as well: Manual account missing in the dropdown on the Debt Planner sheet

I have gone to the Accounts Tab and overridden as a liability.
The Accounts are showing up in the Balance Sheet.

I have reviewed the video " Plan your debt payoff in a spreadsheet"

According to the information in the video, as long as the account is marked as Debt under the Track Column, it should be showing up in the dropdown.

I have also tried restoring the Savings & Debt sheet. I have tried creating a new manual account as well.

Pretty much out of ideas now! Any advice on how to get this fixed?

Thanks so much!

You’re saying that the account isn’t showing up in column L of the Savings & Debt template, @dmitriy.sidelnik?

You can see that the dropdowns in column L are fed from ='Savings & Debt'!$AI$7:$AI.

If I unhide the hidden area to the right of the template, I see this formula in AI6 filling that range:
={{"Account","Period Budget"};sort(iferror(filter({INDIRECT($AW$26&"!"&$AX$27&"2:"&$AX$27),OFFSET(Categories!$A:$A,1,$AX$8-1)},INDIRECT($AW$26&"!"&$AX$29&"2:"&$AX$29)="Debt")))}

Essentially, it is creating static headers “Account” then “Period Budget” and running a sorted filter query on the Categories column + the selected budget where it is filtered on the “Track” column being set to “Debt”.

Look over to the right and make sure all the columns are found in column AX… particularly:

  • Category cell in AX27 has a letter in it
  • Track cell in AX29 has a letter in it
  • “Col - Categories - Budget Period” cell AX8 has number in it

The sheet defaults to the current period. My guess is that your Categories sheet does not have a budget for Feb 2023 and you have an error in cell AX8. If this is the case, add a budgets for the current year.

Check this out and let me know how it goes.

Randy, that was exactly the issue. You are a true expert. Thank you for your help.

So glad we figured it out!

One more quick question Randy. I notice that my BALANCE does not auto populate. What could be the cause of that ?

(column O in Debt Payoff Goals)

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