Say Hello, Money With Tiller’s New Daily Email Update

Hi @richl - I haven’t received confirmation that this is fixed, but the team is still investigating why it’s happening. :crossed_fingers: we have a fix soon.

@Blake, welcome back :slight_smile: I don’t understand what you’re asking. You can customize the email now on the Tiller Console under Customize Hello, Money

I do love the new Hello Money email. I previously had to add a macro to Google Sheets to get this. And it worked, but as an accountant it killed me to not be using Excel just for that one feature. [Also, community, if you have any ideas here, hit me up!]

This email is really good but still not perfect for my needs. I have multiple clients, each with multiple opcos, and every one of those has their own subset of bank accounts and credit cards. I have to slice and dice information to include what matters to every single manager, and exclude what doesn’t,. This is obviously cumbersome when dealing with 100+ feeds. i could do this with separate Tilller accounts, but this is primarily a tool for me. I absolutely need the quick, dirty overview to make sure nothing goes wonky in a day. There is also a lot of transfer between entities and bank feeds don’t provide enough detail so I often have to match manually.

I’d love to see a situation where I could create a single email for each enterprise, including only their interests, that I could auto-forward to their bookkeepers. I’d pay a premium for that. Multiple configurations for daily emails? Yes please.

OK, I see this is in the console. I have a spreadsheet for my stuff and then another spreadsheet for my mom’s stuff. So I go into customize and turn off all accounts related to her and then the report/email comes out with just my stuff. So the email will come every day to me with just my stuff in it automatically. Is there a way to customize a second email to her including just her stuff automatically? I can do it now manually but then I would need to set all the customizations back to me manually when I am done.

Also, any way to include manually added accounts; for example, land, personal residence, vehicle, annuity, life insurance, loan receivable/payable? These have values that the user would update manually.

hey @richl we pushed a fix later in the day on May 2nd we hope would address the transactions showing up more than day in a row. Can you confirm if you’re seeing them coming in multiple days after that?

Thanks for your feedback @ProfitSpotting

@Blake there isn’t a way to customize a 2nd email with just her stuff. Also not a way to include manual accounts right now.

Yes Heather it doesn’t have repeat transactions.

thanks for following up.


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I really like this. I track different groups of accounts across 3 different spreadsheets (e.g., for my work vs. personal). It would be great if I could create one of these emails for each of these groups. Essentially, I would have a daily email for my accounts come to me, and another for work go to a different email.

Love this idea! Recommend adding a feature request