🏆 Scheduled Transactions template: Projected account balances and credit card payments; auto-reconciled transactions

It worked !

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Rob,

I’m in need of help to with a discrepancy in my Credit Card Statement and the Scheduled Transactions sheet.

Here’s the situation:

Credit card statement balance for May: $581.24
Statement billing cycle: 4/12 - 5/8
Transactions in Tiller (within billing cycle): Add up to $581.24
Scheduled Transactions Sheet: Transaction Amount $538.50
Credit card closing date: 5/8

I’ve double-checked the dates and amounts in both the statement and Tiller, and I can’t seem to find where the $42.74 difference is coming from. I’m wondering if there might be something I’m overlooking or if there could be another factor I haven’t considered.

In addition, auto-reconcile is not working so I wonder if the problem could be related.

Do you have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @rajgrover511

The Scheduled Transactions sheet calculates the Credit Card Pmt. Amount by subtracting transactions that occur after the closing date from the current credit card account balance. What happens if you add up the transactions in Tiller after 5/8 and subtract them from the current credit card balance?

Regarding auto-reconcile, do you have an example of a scheduled transaction and the actual transaction that should be matched?
For the scheduled transaction, provide values from these columns: Asset Account, Transaction Date, and Transaction Amount.
For the actual transaction, provide values from these columns: Date, Amount, Account, and Transaction ID.


Thanks for updating the Scheduled Transaction sheet. I continue to enjoy using it.

I noticed a very minor regression from version 0.96 to version 1: cells in column M in otherwise empty rows contain $0.00. Previously these cells were blank, which seems cleaner.



Hey Roger,

I agree, it’s much cleaner if those cells are blank. I’ll update shortly. I’m also looking into a bug with the Current Credit Card Activity calculation. Let me know if it seems off for you.

Hi Rob,

The problems have been resolved. I had an incorrect date for the credit card cloding date and after my last download auto-reconcile is working correctly. Thanks again for your help.


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Hi Rob,

Yes, there’s a discrepancy in the Credit Card Current Activity column for one of my cards, but I believe this is due to the card having been used for an unauthorized transaction, canceled by the issuer, and replaced with a new card, which resulted in a new Account name midway through the monthly billing cycle. My other cards have correct values for Credit Card Current Activity.

— Roger

Roger, thanks for checking the Credit Card Activity.

I updated the sheet to remove the extraneous zeros in column M and incremented the version number to 1.01. You can copy over the new sheet or just update the formula in M1 to this:

=arrayformula(if(row(A:A)=1,"Transaction Amount",if(isnumber(I:I),round(I:I,2),if(isnumber(L:L),round(L:L,2),if(isnumber(H:H),round(H:H,2),if(isnumber(K:K),round(K:K,2),iferror(1/0)))))))

Thanks, Rob. Works great!

— Roger