Security Question: Tiller Connected to Facebook?

While refreshing my account feeds over a slow connection today I had ample time to note the service requests being passed by the application (as shown in the bottom left corner of many web browsers).
I was confused and a little concerned to see that the first request passed was to facebook . com, can anyone tell me why the first action taken when I click “Refresh Account” is to send data to facebook?

Hey @chenderson769!

Good eye, and great question. We have an integration with Facebook’s conversion tracking so that we can tell how successful our Facebook ad campaigns are. It’s a fairly recent addition so you wouldn’t have seen it until very recently anyway. Hope that answers your question!


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So what does Facebook now about our use of tiller? I am not understanding why a account refresh needs to go to FB to check your adoption. I think FB has enough info on us.

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This was exactly my concern. I can understand add tracking and click throughs etc. but I am concerned about an account refresh being routed through facebook.

Can you explain the connection between add campaigns and account refreshes?

Yes, kind of. In the abstract it helps measure engagement — so it allows a business to understand if a certain type of add campaign brought in more engaged users, etc.

As to the question of why the Refresh button specifically: the Facebook pixel is kind of all or nothing. We haven’t specifically instrumented the refresh button, but by enabling campaign tracking the Facebook pixel captures any user interaction in case it’s relevant to the campaigns.

So that’s kind of the software-related answer since that’s what I do. I can’t speak to the bigger questions or decision making behind adding the pixel. I share your concerns in that regard.

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@chenderson769 and @richl, thanks for your question. We have a number of customers who hear about us on Facebook. The pixel was a new addition in hopes of better tracking some new Facebook Ads so we can reach new customers who would benefit from Tiller Money.

However, the privacy of user data is paramount. After more discussion and investigation, prompted by this thread, the Facebook pixel on the Console doesn’t meet our standards. Even though Facebook would never see transactions or balances, we agree that the pixel doesn’t belong on the Console. We have removed it.


Thanks Peter. While overall it isnt a huge deal, it is another data point that Facebook can and will use. In fact, I am already seeing folks reaching out to me knowing I use Tiller but trying to sell me on other stuff.

Thanks for changing direction here.