See Totals by Category

How do you see totals by category in a separate sheet?
Also, what is then the best way to itemize those expenses into sub categories for taxes?

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There are a number of ways to see the category or group totals, but if you’re looking to get into details for taxes, I think the ‘Transaction Tracker’ may be most useful for you. You can’t alter the transactions from that sheet, but it does a good job of displaying all the transactions in a category for a set period of time.

I’d really like the same thing. The Category Tracker doesn’t really give me what I want. So maybe a add on question.

If I copy my transaction tab to a net new sheet, is it then entirely isolated from Tiller? Can I slice and dice with impunity? I want to have my Tiller sheet untouched by my transaction shenanigans. Possible?

Yea, you could either copy the Transactions sheet to another sheet with a different name in the same spreadsheet, or copy it to a completely different spreadsheet. It won’t update anymore, and anything you do to it won’t affect the rest of the template.

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Hi @hollyandtudor

A couple suggestions:

Does the P&L Report help or am I missing something…?