Seeing the formulas that pull in the "amount" details

background: I’m used to excel where I vs a single “amount” column i have two one showing charges the one showing returns, and for the reports I have them summed, it’s easier to see visually at a glance, vs condensed into one category in a report. I was thinking of replicating that in tiller, but since the way the transactions is pulled from the bank and filled, it seems like it looks for the amount column and populates based off of that. But the reports in other sheets, probably have a formula that searches for the “amount” header and sums based off that that, and maybe i could change those formula to look for a header named “net” instead that i would create

Main question: Is there a way to see all the formulas that are pulling off of the “amount” col and change it? I think i found the two for the monthly and yearly budget, ie that’s being used by the indirect formual, but wanted to make sure I don’t miss any others. I checked the Tiller’s Template Builder’s Reference, but i guess that’s not the right guide?

I might be wrong, but my sense is that Tiller pulls the transactions, which include the Amount field, and they pull the current account balance. I don’t think they are using the transactions to calculate the balance. If they were using the transactions to calculate balance (the way a manual account would), when you first started out there would have to be some kind of ‘starting balance’ transaction, which I was never required to input.

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Maybe, that that would be for the balance tab right? that’s not my main concern at the moment just the reports that use data from the transaction tab