Send daily email summary to another email address

I want my spouse, business partner, or accountant to receive the same daily email summary I receive with my recent transactions and balances. Let me configure additional email addresses this summary should go to on my Tiller Console.

In general, the forced dependence on a Google account and email address are an issue for me. The only reason I maintain my Google account is for services that require it, and I generally don’t use gmail, so even for this community forum, I’d prefer a different email address and authentication option.

I think this is a good idea and I can see it being useful for a number of reason, especially if a cc: or Bcc: could be added.

As an interim solution, I might suggest you configure your preferred email service or apps to use POP or IMAP to retrieve messages from other servers like gmail. e.g. I use Mozilla Thunderbird to monitor eighteen different support mailboxes.

You can also setup gmail to forward all mail to your preferred address. See Settings “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.

You could try using Gmail’s filtering and forwarding functions to do this.

When viewing the Tiller Daily Update email, select the “More” button under the Search mail bar.
Then select “Filter messages like these”.

You could create the filter to work on all messages “From” OR
use Subject and add Tiller Daily Update (to select just those email.)

Then click “Create Filter”.

Select the box next to "Forward it to: [choose an address]

Then use the ‘add forwarding address’ link to add the address you want to get the message.

When done, click on the Create filter button and any email that matches the filter will be forwarded.

To adjust the filter, click on the gear icon on the right to get to Settings.
Then the Filters and Blocked Addresses link to review, edit, or delete the filter.

Let us know if that works for you.


Thanks @jonorlin! Great suggestions. Just one additional bit of info, to do these steps you would need to enable forwarding for any email address to show up when creating the filter.