Separate Sheet for Each Bank & CC Account

Does anyone know how I could pull in each bank & cc account onto a separate sheet in a single spreadsheet in Google Sheets? Thanks!

Hi @jason1,
There is several ways to do this. But here’s one.
In a new sheet, put this in Cell A1 to get all the Column Headers:

Then in Cell B1, put this to get all the transactions filtered by an account:
=FILTER(Transactions!A2:P,Transactions!F2:F="put account name here")

Change the P in A2:P so it is the latest column you want to import on the right.
Change the F’s in F2:F so it is the Account Name column.

Do a new sheet for every account you want. Just change the [put account name here] part.
You might also copy and paste the formatting from the Transactions sheet top row to your new sheets.

Does that work for you?

Here’s some info about the FILTER() function if interested:


Thanks so much! I think I figured it out with your formulas. You’re a genius.

Ha. Not a genius! Glad you figured it out.

Hi @jason1,

If you’re just looking for a view only way to do this (you don’t need to edit) you can use the Accounts Filter sheet available in the Tiller Labs add-on



Great, thank so much!