Separating CDN from USD within the Same Sheet?

I have US and CDN bank accounts. I didn’t realize until I loaded them all together that there’s no way to denominate the transactions that are CDN or USD.

I’m fairly new to Tiller, but it’s created a huge disorganization for my taxes, as I file separate returns.

Any thoughts?

If all you want to do is differentiate which ones are CDN, and which ones are USD, you could probably use Tags. If you actually want some conversions done, then it’ll be a much more complex solution.
Here’s one way to add tags: Add the Tags Report for Transaction Tagging - Wikis & Webinars / Tiller Labs - Tiller Money Community (

I can’t promise an availability date, @joelholmes92, but I know @brasten, @tom & @heather are working on a story to expose the currency type through the feeds-update process. Hoping there is more data available to address this need in the coming months.

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