Setting prior amounts


I’m currently migrating from YNAB and am looking to set “Prior” amounts for each of the categories, so that I can allocate all the money I’m budgeting to the different categories in the first month and have that rollover for the subsequent months.

I fumbled around with the spreadsheet and managed to do a manual Rollover override by editing the “Budgets History” sheet and setting the Rollover amounts for the first month, but running “Analyse Budgets History” wipes out this sheet and replaces the Rollover for the first month to all $0. Is there a better way to do this?


I second 2nd this. Would love some hacks to use the YNAB methodology with Tiller.

Hi @wei2912,

You can set the rollover amount (prior amounts) using the short cut commands in the adjust cell on the Budget dashboard itself. Just type in r=[amount] you want to use as the starting balance for the category. The Analyze Budgets History shouldn’t wipe it out.

Documented here under “Monitoring and Managing Your Budget > Key Workflows > Adjusting Budgets”.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.