Setting up detail sheets for certain categories

Hi. I am using Excel, but I think this may be the same in Sheets.

For a couple categories (Reimbursement and Gifts), I would like to set up details sheets (one each) so I can look at and manipulate the data separate from the transactions tab, and add extra fields. (Although the extra fields may have to be on the transactions tab.)

I know I can filter within the transactions tab, but I can’t total or use conditional formatting and such. I would just rather work with it in a separate tab and pull in the data from the transactions sheet (dynamically).

I started to set up a new tab and set up a Vlookup, but that only works when the lookup field is in the leftmost column. I tried Xlookup a bit but that seems to return only one value. Any suggestions for how to go about this?


Hi there,

You might try the Filter function in Excel. This will allow you to review transactions for a particular category. It’s an alternative if you prefer not to filter your Transactions sheet, but want to review transactions for a particular category.

Here’s some information on using this formula in Excel.

For EXCEL. I just copied the Budget tab and renamed mine Home Office Budget. Then I cleared all the cells for categories that are not part of the Home Office Budget (not delete, just erased the cell function). then you can use the remaining data anyway you want using any Excel functions. You could hide the empty rows (I did not try to delete them), but you don;t need to. I did delete the Budget and Available colums for each month since I am really only interested in the Actual data.