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I’m not able to get the importer to work. I did the following:

  1. Create new Tiller sheet
  2. Picked one account to have active
  3. When the sheet opened, clicked on the Transactions tab
  4. Ran the add-on.
  5. Get this message:

I need help,

Welcome, Tim!

Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble.
Try clicking on the word “compatible” and let me know which columns the add-on says are missing from the Transactions sheet.


Hi Randy,

Clicked on “compatible”, and was missing the 2 columns. Added them and it works great!
Note, the instructions said that it the Add-on would automatically add them is why I was confused. May need an update.


Glad to hear it’s working, Tim. Which two columns were missing?


Category & Metadata. The Transaction sheet had “Category Hint” only. Note that it was a sheet based on the “Raw Data (Tiller)”.


I can reproduce this error.

The add-on does create the Metadata column, but only when it is the only column missing. (I was surprised to see that our Raw Data template doesn’t include a Category column— most of our templates do.)

Good catch!

Hi Randy,

Tried it from scratch with the “Build Your Own” template, and the Add-on asked me to add the “Metadata” column this time. Worked like a charm!



Hi, I just tried the Amazon importer, and ran across the same problem that Tim did, after I figured out that it needed to be added to an existing spreadsheet, it worked flawlessly. Two items you may wish to cover in your directions: 1) adding to an existing and how to do so, and how to turn off filter view. I turned on the filter view in the add on, and that was great for my mass editing (I imported July transactions as a batch), but then became nervous that it deleted all my other data, until of course I realized that filter view was turned on. Thanks for this great add on and early access, I love it!

Hello - I just tested the Amazon importer and it ran fine with a new sheet.

One note - this instruction:

  1. Download [your purchase history]
    (choose the Items report type)

Should probably just be rephrased as:

  1. Download your Amazon [items purchase history]
    (leave the default “Items” report type when downloading the CSV)

In an ideal world, it would be awesome if Tiller could do this step automatically. Does Amazon not expose an API?


I clarified the instructions as you suggested.

Amazon does offer an API built to support their merchants, but it isn’t a great fit for customers wanting to download their purchases.

On a related note, there is an intriguing open-source chrome extension that scrapes the Amazon website for order history. I agree it would be cool to update the add-on so the feeds were more automated— like Tiller bank feeds :wink:

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to our community!


Thanks for the suggestion about the filter view. I just published an update to the add-on that displays instructions on how to turn the filter view off after an import.

Can you clarify what you meant about “adding to an existing and how to do so”? It looks like a word is missing.

Appreciate your feedback!

Generally speaking, I’m loving the Amazon Line Item importer. Such a valuable feature as a significant portion of our spending is on Amazon but it’s so laborious to figure out what’s what.

I duplicated my master budget and got all my Amazon transactions to import nicely.

HOWEVER - and I think this is important! - I’d like to see the Payment Instrument column from the Amazon order history map to the Institution or Account columns on the Tiller feed.

I sometimes buy items for my business (using my business credit card) on my personal Amazon account (for Prime benefits). And sometimes we have credit or gift cards. Having that data in the feed would allow me to categorize it properly and quickly based on account rather than item. For instance, I know that anything on my business card shouldn’t show up in my Tiller feed, so I’d just make a rule to exclude them. As it is now, I have to remember that the envelope organizer I bought was for “business” not “household”. The data is all there, so it’d be great if it was mapped and available. Wouldn’t matter to me which column, so long as it was there…

But overall, this is a great feature! Very cool and helpful!


Great suggestion, Clay.
I updated the add-on to push the Payment Instrument field into the Account column.

Two notes:

  1. You will need to reload the add-on.
  2. The Payment Instrument is written to only item records— not offsets. (Writing to offset records would require a more extensive code update.)

Thanks for your feedback!

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Worked for me. Great idea and I think the macro is very polished. I actually found the built in macros short instructions clearer than the webpage. Something about the webpages ‘create a new tab’ statement that confused me for the longest time.

After going through my wifes amazon purchases for the year, i would like to rescind my earlier suggestion to do the same for “Target” purchases. That would be a nightmare to even attempt to categorize.

Good Job. (although I wish Amazon would allow you to download directly rather than us having to manually download and import.)

Suggestion: Set all links to open in a new tab on this page: How to use the Amazon Line Item Importer for Google Sheets

Each time I click something I’m taken to a new page in the same tab and 2 things happen.
1 - I have many tabs open and cannot recall which one was the source tab to “go back” on
2 - When I “go back” it reloads to the top of the page and I have to scroll way down and find my place.

Thanks for your feedback, Stuart. I think I clarified the instruction that you were referring to.

As for direct download from Amazon, I wrote some notes about that here:



Can you clarify… is your feedback specific to the way the community forum operates?

Thanks for joining the community!

The web links on your setup guide

I hear you, Steve.
Let me think on that one and see what other users think.
Thanks for your feedback.