Share your financial goals for 2020, win a Tiller Money mug!

I have two goals - (1) win a Mug! and (2) i am getting married in 2020, so want to be able to use tiller to bring on my fiancé’s finances to plan for the future, which would include moving, buying a house, and starting planning for our family’s future. We both use tiller, but would like to use it to continue to see where we are spending our money and how we can save more, as well as plan for what our spending is going to look like in the future.

Get more aggressive with my investment strategy.

I have quite a bit of cash in an online savings account. Every month the interest rate drops. Because I have a very accurate picture of my finances using the Zero Sum Budgeting sheet in Tiller, I have identified money that I don’t absolutely need in the near term. I can put that money in investment products that are slightly less conservative.

  1. I would like to pay off a car loan - have about $6500 left on that.
  2. Reduce my grocery bill to less than $1000 - I do buy organic and from whole food and health food conscious stores - so that is challenging some - but I want to try and bring that down. Have just 1 kid at home now instead of 3, so that should be feasible. Even would like to get smarter and do more like $800.
  3. Review subscriptions - maybe remove 1 or 2?
  4. Pay off new computer I bought - but really needed - $3000 apple barclay card no interest loan I want to pay off.
  5. Save for holidays better so not charging like always.
  6. Start saving more for my 14 year old for college - just have not been able to do that. Other 2 kids in college now - one on ROTC - smart kid! - other will be getting loans her 3rd or 4th year because we simply don’t have enough to pay for her out of state.
  7. My BIG financial goal is to downsize - not even own a home and mortgage pit type of investment and simplify. But spouse not in agreement yet. I want a simple life without all the bills and headaches that come with home ownership, etc.

This year I got a ton better about paying off credit card as I charged so I was not paying interest, but building points. We have multiple credit cards to build up miles - with 2 kids away at college and visits home - it adds up.

Financial Goals for 2020:

  1. Savings rate of 30+%
  2. Purchase spouse new car (no debt)
  3. Spend less than $800/month on groceries and restaurants

Interesting question! My goals are:

  • Put more money toward paying off student loans.
  • Put more money toward my retirement account
  • Put more money toward charitable giving.

Since all of my goals are about increasing spending, I will naturally either have to cut spending elsewhere or increase income. Both are things I’m looking into, but I don’t consider those goals, more a means to accomplish the goals above.

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Very interesting thread…

My goals are:

  • Work on aggressively paying down mortgage
  • Increase total savings to 50% (gross)
  • Decrease spending on restaurants. Cook more at home.
  • Wean myself off of YNAB. Looking forward to building my own budget spreadsheet with Tiller.

Thanks, and happy new year!

Great thread! Here’s mine:
Using Tiller, I will:

  • Set sensible budgets in my regular spending categories
  • Make room for replacing my ageing, polluting vehicle with something new and green
  • Begin earnestly building a strong, diverse investment portfolio
  • Aggressively pay down the remaining high-interest debt that’s still hanging around
  • Contact three estate attorneys for consultations by the end of April (make appointments and meet with them); choose one to use and complete estate planning by September 30th.
  • Use Tiller to track expenses in 2020 and make improvements in our spending in 2021 so that we know how much we’ll really need for retirement (my estimate seems low to our financial planner, and I’m slowly learning that perhaps I’m not as frugal as I think :joy:)

I’m new to Tiller. My goals for 2020 are to gain insight into excessive spending and begin to save. By the end of the year, I want to have 10% of my income saved.

End of 2019 Goals
The last 3 months of 2019, I vowed to pack my lunch everyday and eliminate buying lunch and coffee at work. The Dashboard graphs made it all the more easy and exciting to see:

I am saving $190 a month on lunch, plus $50+ on coffee and quick snacks (at one point in the year, I was spending nearly $100 on coffees and snacks!).

Surprisingly, but actually very sensically, my groceries bill did not go up. Because I was making such an effort to brew & pack at home, I was super vigilant about what I was buying at the grocery store. I became way more efficient, and way less wasteful. I only buy what I need; I’m mindful of what’s extra, and what will be forgotten and later thrown away.

2020 Goals
Having seen the benefits of EFFORT – I’m taking that into 2020. My goals are really save-to-spend goals, so it’ll be a little bittersweet to see the money go, but the goals are:

  1. Save $3500 by May to go to Rally School (long time dream since getting a license, I’m 27).
  2. Save $2200 by April to go on Buddy’s Bachelor Party (Caribbean, he couldn’t keep it simple)
  3. Maintain my company’s maximum 401k match (Roth account)
  4. Max out the $6,000 IRA contribution by end of the year (also Roth, this will be tough)

That’s about $1,400 a month in savings overhead that, technically, I earn, but would have to eliminate just about every non-essential expenditure, at least until May. My roommate used to do it – I don’t know how. He spent basically nothing and did basically nothing for 6 straight months on unemployment. It was quite the achievement to watch actually. Tough guy. I’m going for it. The important things in life are non-pecuniary anyways: family, friends, significant other (arguable), and a job. The only exception might be booze.



Not sure if this is still open but our biggest goal is to buy a house in the Bay Area without going broke or exposing ourselves to too much risk. I was really excited to find Tiller because of its flexibility, customization and privacy.

Hopefully it will also help us feel more comfortable taking the leap!


Mine are;
-Set up an emergency fund.
-Start budgeting.

  • Start Investing for retirement.
    Am new here and to the concept of financial literacy

@Edward ,

When is this going to close out as we are already 10% through the 2020 year?



When will the mugs be mailed out?

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Yes, curious on when the mugs will be mailed!

Hello! We received a bad batch of mugs. We’re waiting on an exchange. We may end up going with a different item altogether. I’ll post an update on Friday. We’re going to get this done before it’s the new year again. Thank you for your patience!

I’m new to Tiller, so in 2020, my Goals are:

  1. Gain visibility - use AutCat and Categories to know my monthly spending

  2. Know my exposure - use Reconcile feature to pre-enter checks and know the projected outflow

  3. By April 1, settle into new budget (currently moving in Jan - so doesn’t make sense until after one-time charges settle.)

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My goal #1 is to set up a budget and track my money on a spread sheet. Investments, income, and all life insurance on a spread sheet. Also, directions to explain what my family should do if I had an untimely death. I am good withsaving and have no credit card debt but am a hot mess with where all that info is.
Goal #2 is to set up maintenance schedules and track repairs and expenses for 3 houses.
Goal #3 is to get all 3 properties fixed, repaired, and caught up on all regular maintenace. I do a lot of basic things myself. I learn a lot and I prefer to @#%& it up myself than pay other people to !@#$ it up.

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Those are inspiring goals. Love the idea of tracking maintenance schedules. Do you use a spreadsheet or a calendar for that?