Sharing my Tiller powered iPhone widgets

Hi folks, I’m fairly new here but thought I’d share how I’m using Tiller so far. I’m mostly using it to pull account balances into Google Sheets and then I’ve added a bunch of custom sheets to create a full financial/retirement plan and forward projection for every month through retirement and end of life.

Some of the things I’m tracking include

  • Current and projected income and savings including RSUs, 401k, HSA, and after-tax retirement savings
  • Current and projected home equity.
  • Current and projected college expenses and savings for my kids
  • Social security projections and optimization based on retirement age and end of life assumptions
  • Projected retirement income and expenses

I have a sheet filled with assumptions and estimations on things like retirement age, pre and post retirement savings appreciation rates, safe withdrawal rate, housing appreciation rate, and RSU grants that I can play around with for different scenarios.

I’m also automatically importing items like RSU stock price, CPI, tax brackets, and Zillow estimate.

The plan is quite detailed - one row for every month and about 30 or so columns. I then created a sheet with the top KPIs I want to track and pull that data into Google Data Studio (Looker). From here I created a mobile friendly dashboard that I can view in Safari. Then I use an app called Glimpse to slice each part of the dashboard web page into widgets that I can display on my Home Screen.

Hopefully others find this interesting or useful. I thought about sharing my sheets but they are all very tailored to my personal finances and situation.

This is awesome, while I’m an android user and it wouldnt necessarily apply to myself,

Ways to get tiller information more mobile friendly is a frequently requested feature here in the community. There would probably be a good bit of interest in this being shared. You could try using @randy’s new sample data sheet that has made up data that you could use to test and work therough sharing these dashboards if you are so inclined.

Very cool!

Thanks for sharing your “through-end-of-life” :grimacing: workflow, @acheslow! Comprehensive!

I appreciate how you’ve interconnected the data across tools for improved data processing and access. As @bentyre1 mentions, there is lots of opportunity to improving mobile workflows. And I’ve always wanted to take advantage of Data Studio.

Rebuilding and abstracting your entire project so it can be shared publicly is a huge project, but I’ll bet many users would love to hear more about how the data is organized or how you have integrated your workflows and tools. If you’re up for it, consider sharing just one small piece at a time.

Glad to hear you’re leveraging the platform!