Sharing Permissions on Tiller Money Feeds for Finance Partners

I am currently maintaining my client’s Tiller Account. However, we’re currently encountering challenges on the automatic updates of the transactions and accounts as it seems it’s requiring my client’s intervention as he used his personal email account when he subscribed for Tiller. This somehow creates a delay in maintaining the file. He actually prefers that I do the intervention to update the sheets however, it seems only the email account used when he subscribed is allowed to do use the Tiller Money Feeds Add-On. But then again, since he used his personal email account in the subscription, he can’t really share that with me.

Can we just change the email account used for the subscription? Or are there other (better) ways to allow me to maintain the account without his intervention?

Community - I am interested in the same thing too. What are the best practices when a paid or unpaid advisor is working with a client on Tiller? Does this practice violate any Tiller protocols? My feel is that this situation is happening more than you think. B

Hi @Bless, thanks for the question and welcome to the Tiller Money community. You’re in good company. We have a number of professionals using Tiller Money to manage money for a client.

If you’re using Google Sheets, the best practice is for your client to have Auto Update turned on (you can find the Auto Update toggle in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, inside Settings).

(You can also read more here, about 3/4 of the way down the page under the updating Your Sheet with Data section.)

When the Auto Update toggle is turned on, once a day Tiller Money will add the latest transactions and balances to that Google Sheet spreadsheet. However, if there are banks that require daily authentication (MFA or 2FA), then your client will still have to intervene to verify credentials.

Will your client require MFA for each update? It depends on the banks they are using and the settings they have. For me, for example, I have 10+ banks connected, and only one requires periodic MFA. As we move to open banking with more banks in 2021, we’ll make even further progress to help customers avoid the regular MFA.

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